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Welcome to "The Physical Web".

The Physical Web is all about discovering proximal smart object signals using URL strings at the Android operating system level. No need for app - your smart phone detects smart devices.

This is where the information you need about the what's around you is just there as you need it. No apps required. Immediate access through UriBeacons.

URIBeacons give hyper-local engagement.

Browser-based UriBeacon interaction is easy and effective. People get targeted, real-time information about stores, places and things in their proximity.

iBeacons versus URIBeacons

iBeacons: Requires a dedicated App, dedicated to listen for that particular beacon’s signal. Each brand requires users to use their own specific app yielding app-overload and underutilization.

URIBeacons: Do not require a dedicated App. Any browser will see all other UriBeacons within their immediate vicinity.